Rose Review: The Body Shop green apple shower gel

Hi everyone!
As you will have seen from the title, today I have a review for you!

The Body Shop green apple shower gel is something I acquired a couple of months ago after seeing Zoe and Louise from zoella and sprinkleofglitter purchase it in a haul, and I have to say I really don't regret it. It's nothing particularly special, but for the price, it's soo good! It also lathers really well, has good packaging in terms of getting the product out, and smells amazing. Mmm. Of... Well, apples!
Yeah, so there's not much else to say really, just that I would really recommend it!
Available in stores or online from the Body Shop.


App review: Pudding camera

Hi everybody!
 Today is a slightly geeky post today, but I use this app sooo so much I thought I had to share it with you!

Meet pudding camera. It is basically an app available for Android (I'm not sure about Apple, sorry!) which uses the camera function on your phone to take amazing photos.There are loads of filters etc available, and it is really simple to use. It focuses really well and has a super simple sharing mode. I actually use this to take my new blog photos now as the quality is as good as on my digital camera, and it is so easy to just email them to myself and voila! Blog post goes up.

So this is the basic interface. As you can see, there's just a simple button to take photos on the right, settings etc along the top, filter options in the bottom left and gallery the bottom right. There's also a random ring on the left which I'm not sure about it's purpose!

So here's a (very bad quality- screen shot function on phone-, sorry!!) picture of the settings. There's nothing particularly exciting, just the normal. There is also flash and flip functions, not to mention one option I reeeaaally like!

This function basically means that you can tap anywhere on the screen and it will take a photo. I think this is such a unique feature, and is actually really useful for those of us who don't have a physical camera button on our phones.

As I said, there are also loads of filters available...
Overall, I really love this app, it's probably the most used on my phone and I would recommend it to anyone! So I'll leave you now with an example of a picture took with this. Bearing in mind it was almost dark and through a window I think it's pretty good!

PS: Did you like this type of post? If you didn't, sorry, I have some beauty and fashion related posts coming up soon!Xxx


Tulip tip: Insect bites!

Hi everyone!
Here is today's tulip tip! Tulip tips are a little series in which I will give you a small tip which you might know, might not and it might be relevant, might not. But I thought they would help some people, so here we go!

Today's theme is insect bites. I know the summer here in the UK is like winter at the moment, but we still get bitten and you might live somewhere hot... and you might go on holiday!
So this is just a little tip my friend taught me about how to get rid of them. I'm afraid the photographic evidence isn't much as they're showing up much more red than they actually are, and I forgot about them for a few days, but I promise you that this does actually work. Promise.

Oh, and it was also on  really awkward place to photograph, right in the inside of my calf.

Basically, the tip is to lick your finger and put the saliva on the bite. It doesn't sound much, and I know the photos don't really show much, but the after was 3 days later after only one 'licking'!!!

So hope this was useful, and sorry if you new it already but bye!!Xxx