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Hello everyone!

Every week i will be putting up a blog post sharing one of my favourite blogs with you. this is where you can find them! Look out for them every monday, and if you want to reccomend your favourite blog, please do so in the comments below! I'm aware these posts can sometimes seem a bit gushing and annoying, but it's all about sharing the love, eh?


This week one of my favourite blogs has been Dunya's amazing one: Dearest deer.

Dunya's blog is a fashion one, and her outfits are literally perfect. No exaggeration, I would wear all of them any day. Actually, all in the same day. She is also hot.
Lots of her posts are also taken in Brighton, which is about an hour from where I live. I only realised this today, and I'm not sure what relevance it has but yay!
There's also some lifestyle and beauty bits thrown in there, and basically I love it!


This week's blog of the week I only found on Wednesday (through the #bbloggers chat), yet it's already a favourite. It comes in the form of Georgina's blog: Live laugh lipstick.
What a nice bit of alliteration.

As I said, Georgina's blog is a new find, but is just a really lovely beauty blog. From her wishlist posts, particularly her birthday one, I can tell she has a very similar style to me. Just look at the bag, and you'll see what I mean. Her reviews are also really great, and I now really want to try the Rimmel wake me up foundation after seeing it in her monthly favourites post. She's also just been to LA (the lucky thing!) and has two really nice photo diaries up. Also her header, which is shown above. Aaaah.


I missed a week last week, but I'm back with my current blog of the week: Tabitha's blog, scared toast.

I know I say this about every blog, but she has a very cute url/name, and generally just a very cute blog. She's one of my current lifestyle favourites, and some of her recent posts have really made me chuckle. The post you can see in the picture above is one of these; I love the strangeness of the concept! She also blogs relatively anonymously like me, which is nice. She posts some great fashion and food posts amongst the lifestyle ones, and I love her diary of a spendaholic series.


This week I am not only showing you a favourite blog, but one I discovered only in the past seven days: what Katie does.
Call me irrational, but I knew instantly that I would love katies' blog; it's right up my street.

Katie's blog is full of designy, foody, travelly, interiory and crafty goodness. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous, and whilst I feel I say that every week, it honestly is. Lots of her posts are also really unique and diferent, for example I loved her not so recent post on screen printed cushions, and also the slightly newer one on caligraphy. I also really like her interiors posts; her about the house series is such a cute idea, and her post on urban outfitters home was made for me. She also has an etsy shop, which I am yet to buy from. Buuuut, as soon as my spending ban is over I will, promise!


this week my favourite blog to read has been becky's lovely site: milk bubble tea.

her blog is so cute and lovely, and is the perfect mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. her url and design are both so adorable, and her photography is just amazing. i loved her recent post on her bedroom decor, as it's so crisp and cute and lovely! as i previously said, all her photos are amazing in quality and composition, and her backgrounds are always so sweet. she's also been ill recently so all go and check her blog out to make her feel better! 

this week i have really been loving ellie's blog: style and starbucks.

not only does she have the coolest url ever, ellie's blog is literally my favourite fashion blog. as you can see from above, she has really cool outfits, and she always has nice backgrounds as well! i'm rubbish at taking outfit photos and this is definitely what i aspire to! she seems really nice as well;)
i also really liked her denim skater skirt series a while ago, so go and check her blog out now!

this week i have really been loving jade's blog: dotty dolly
i honestly don't know where to start! as you will see from above her blog layout is absolutely gorgeous, and so cutesy and lovely. she also does the most amazing outfit posts; they're always really well composed with lovely backgrounds. she also seems like such a nice person and her hair is just amazing; exactly like my friend's who i am insanely jealous of (for her hair). she also does lovely cooking, beauty and lifestyle posts and i would definitely recommend you go and check her blog out.



this week i have been loving suzie's blog: hello october.
she seems like such a nice person, and her blog is the perfect spot for a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. i always check out her blog when it comes to a bit of nice higher-end beauty, as her beauty basket/top 5... posts are always full of amazing reviews. she also does youtube videos, and i looved her recent makeup collection video which is now one of my favourite collections and has given me lots to put on my wishlist! i am now definitely craving essie tart deco, damn my spendng ban!
so you should all without a doubt go and have a nose around suzie's blog, now!


this week i have been loving victoria's blog; in the frow.
i found her blog quite recently through the #bbloggers chat on twitter and love it. she seems so nice and sweet and her blog is now the first place i go to for reviews as she always does great thorough reviews with amaazing pictures! i loved her recent review of lancome's teint miracle foundation, and i am now very tempted by it! she mainly posts about beauty bu there is also a bit of fashion thrown in. she has also recently started making youtube videos, and posts some great videos on there!
i would definitely recommend checking victoria's blog and youtube out, as she is one of my new favourites!
so this week i have been loving laurenella. she obviously has an amaazing name..!! other than that, her hair is amazing and her style is so cute and i love it. she also makes youtube videos and her best friend tag is lovely. she does a mix of lifestyle, beauty and fashion and i loved her recent post on bill's in covent garden, as it's always impossible to get a table there!

so definitely go and check lauren's blog out, go go go!



so my first blog of the week is blue october! i love lizzie's blog, it's just the perfect mix of lifestyle, outfitm, beauty and cooking posts. i could literally spend a whole day reading her posts, none of them have the effect so you want to skip over theml they're all really interesting topics.
i also loove her hair! it's dip-dyed pink and looks goreous!

her style also seems really similair to mine, which i love, as it means i like every outfit featured on her blog!

i don't want to ramble on for too long so am justgoing to let you all go over there now and check her blog out, and then follow her!

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