The big summer loving and lusting

Today I thought I would do a special big edition of loving and lusting for summer. Now we're more than halfway through May, and the weather is on the way up (again) I'm seeing a lot of wishlist posts, and as summer is my favourite season, and there are a ridiculous amount of things I am currently lusting after, I thought I would share them all in one huge post!

Dress// Shorts// Sunglasses// Bag// Playsuit// Floral crown// Nail varnish// Surf spray// Bikini top and bottom

So obviously these are really clich├ęd choices, but I love the look of all of them, and they just make me so excited for the summer holidays!
If any of you have done one of these posts please leave them below, as I would love to get even more things to put on the wishlist! Also, more of my summery wants will be in my regular loving and lusting posts every Sunday!



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