A small haul

This post was meant to go up ages ago, around Easter, but as it didn't I thought now would be a good as time as any. This is actually my first haul on my blog, which I can't quite believe considering the amount of shopping I do! I also bought a few clothes, but as they photograph quite awkwardly decided to save them for future outfit posts. So, whilst it was quite a while ago, these are my latest beauty and accessory purchases!

I'll post reviews of some of these sometime in the near future, although reviews of the nail varnishes and eyeliner aren't exactly hard to come across at the moment. My first views of all of them are that I really like them! The shampoo and mask were both just random products I picked up on offer as I'm never too fussy with hair products, and I really like them, as previously stated! They smell amazing, but I wouldn't say either are particularly life changing. The two body products also both smell like heaven (what can I say, I like to exaggerate), despite being different. The body scrub is really refreshing and zingy, and sweet peas are my favourite flowers so the body butter was just made for me! I also quite like the unique concept, and it's actually surprisingly handy having both a rich and light product in the same pot! The eyeliner was just something I had put off buying for ages, and I felt like I *had* to try it. The same goes for the nail varnishes; spring nail varnishes are definitely my weakness! Finally, the necklace I picked up from a stall at Spitalfield's market, and thought it was too cute to not pick up!

So sorry for that huge paragraph, but I just wanted to summarise my recent purchases rather than give full-blown reviews.


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  1. The lemon scrub is gorgeous, and will definitely wake you up in the mornings!

    Jess // ditzyglamour