Loving and lusting #19

I know, I know, you're probably all sick of my lust lists after two (yes, two) in a week, but ah well. Everyone loves a bit of online shopping, even if it is only imaginary, right?

Top// Nail varnish// Ring

By the time this post goes up I'll be in Paris, and so comes this fabulous cliché, in the form of a Breton inspired top. Jack Wills are pretty pricey, but I love the top anyway! I've also wanted to try Essie nail varnishes for a while, and whilst browsing the beauty bay website a couple of days ago I saw this colour, which I fell in love with. It's quite original, and I haven't seen it mentioned it much, but I think it looks so pretty! This ring is also the prettiest ever, and whilst expensive, is just so dainty and adorable!



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