Sunday sun

Despite every one of my past outfit pictures involving me standing extremely (and I mean extremely) awkwardly, I've decided to try again. Why? I love summery clothes as much as possible without it getting creepy, and I really want to share these outfits with you. So hopefully y'all look past the tensed body and just see the clothes.

Getting past that, this is a really simple outfit perfect for sunny Sundays. This skirt has been featured so much on blogs, and I know it's not been styled to the best here, but I'm a very laid back kind of gal.
Or not.

What I mean, is that it is a casual outfit, and I think it's perfect for summer! (in my humble opinion)

Please ignore my legs, they haven't seen the sun in a veery long time. Well, other than sport, but I don't count that.

Top//Skirt//Cardigan (Hollister-old)

Aside from the sun coming out, a true sign of summer's arrival for me is the cherry tree in our back garden coming into blossom. I know cherry blossom has been around for a while this year, but as ours is a fruit tree rather than an ornamental it's a little later. It's just so pretty, and come summer the cherries definitely make the wait worthwhile.
Unfortunately, this was basically the only fresh air I got all day, as I am currently in a world of revising; every girl's dream. So I apologise if posts are a bit irregular, but just think of the pictures of cherries I'll be able to post later in the year!

(I've always been a great briber).


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