Loving and lusting #18

Hello, and apologies for not posting last week! I had exams and was preoccupied with revision, but they're all done now so I can get back to posting!

Dress// Detangling spray// Notebook

I really love the irony of the children's hair product and classy notebook being next to each other, but whilst certainly random, I really love all the items this week. The dress is the perfect summer dress for me, as broderie looks so delicate and feminine, and white is the perfect colour to wear with a tan. I can imagine myself wearing it way too often in the summer holidays. The mother also happened to receive a £15 Boden voucher in the post, which always helps... The beauty product is most definitely for young children, but my hair has been ridiculously knotty recently, and I've seen this mentioned quite a bit, so hopefully it should do the trick. Any recommendations are, however, welcomed, as I'm not a keen fan of oranges. The last product is something I've had my eye on for a while, as I am a complete stationary addict, and this notebook is so beautifully made, and I love the colour, and the message on the front, and you can get it personalised, and it is small enough to fit in my bag, and I need to calm down! However, with the personalisation it came to about £65 so I may need to either rethink or put it on the birthday list.



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