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Orchid Organization: School supplies haul!

Hi everyone!!
Today I have an orchid organization post for you, as you will have seen from the title!! I went shopping today to buy a few school things, and thought I'd show you what I got. There's not a huge amount, as I have a few things from last year, and do bear in mind that I'm in secondary school, not at gcse level yet, so I don't have to supply my own folders or notebooks etc. And I bought all these things from WHSmith. You can most likely get them in other places too, but that's where I went.
First up is a pair of scissors. Very exciting I know, but there we go. These are the Maped 3D sensoft ones, and I like them because they're squidgy and fun to play with. I have a messed up brain. So..... Yeah and they're also pretty colours and were 35% off!
Next was a set of Laura Ashley blue biros. I like writing with biro, as you don't need to buy cartridges and pretty much everyone has one so if you need to borrow one it won't make your book untidy. However, it's sometimes hard to find pretty ones so when I saw these I was really pleased! Another pen similar is one from Jan Constantine (the LOVE bit), which I had last year. Kind of expensive though. The Laura Ashley ones were £4.
Next up is a sharpener. Pretty self-explanatory. £1.49.
Then I got a ruler. It's one of those cool ones that fold out, and they break much less than the foldy out ones. So yeah. That was £2.79.
And finally is a red fineliner pen from Stabelo for marking, which was £1.99. Blimey, that was a rip off!
So that's it folks. I didn't buy a pencil case as I got one for my birthday and might do a birthday haul?????? Yeah, and I also got a 15% off Debenhams voucher.
So I hope you've enjoyed this post everyone, and remember to look out for more #orchidorganization posts. Bye!!


Orchid Organization: An Introduction!

Hi everyone!
As the start of the new school is coming soon (R.I.P holidays!!) I thought I would start a series of posts. I've given them a very cheesy name and a very cheesy picture, but basically I'll do any posts that are school-related. If you have any requests please tweet me (@fuchsiaforest) or comment below. The ones I have planned are as follows...
What's in my bag!
What's in my pencil case!
School supplies haul!
My planner!
My essentials!
And maybe a guide on how to keep your schoolwork organized at home!

So I hope those sound good to start off with. I might do some a bit later on in the year when I have exams, but I'll see! And I'll try to do them all this week, as different schools go back on different dates, but I have a pretty manic week planned, so fingers crossed!!
Remember to tell me what videos you'd like to see! #orchidorganization

Rose Review: Simple kind to eyes eye makeup remover pads

Hi everyone!! Today I am going to review some eye makeup remover pads!
I tend to use makeup wipes on my eyes as I only wear mascara, and don't think I really need much else. I think that wipes are perfect for people like me, or for those times when you really can't be bothered to cleanse. There are, however, a lot of very expensive and very cheap ones out there to choose from and I'd really recommend these.
It's hard to go into these in too much depth, as they are only wipes, after all! However what sells them for me are two things: one, that they are textures on one side to really get the product off, and two, that they come in q mini version. I really don't get why lots of brands choose not to do smaller versions of products because they are not only great for travelling, but these ones in particular are also great because you really don't need a huge normal-sized wipe for just mascara. Phew, long sentance! They claim to remove waterproof mascara, and I think they do, but it does take a bit if rubbing so if you have sensitive eyes it may be better to use a normal remover.
So I hope you've enjoyed this review! Feel free to comment if you have any other suggestions, and I have lots more reviews planned so look out for those! Bye!!!xx

£3.20 or 3 for 2 at Boots or £3.00 or 2 for £4.00 at Sainsbury's


Chit chat

Hi everyone!
Just a short post today to tell you that I am going on holiday on Saturday morning for two weeks! I'm going to the south of France, which I'm really excited about (SUN!!!) but this post is really to tell you about the absense of posts. I had hoped to schedule a few posts, as I have lots planned and thought it was the perfect time. However, my phone broke on Monday, as did our computer before that. This means that we only have one laptop in our whole house for all my family. My mum has been working on this most of the time, which means I havn't- and probably won't- been able to write any posts. I have 5 minutes now to do this post quickly, but I'm afraid I doubt I'll get any longer. I'm so upset and sorry about this, and I can't even tweet either!! (Due to my phone being... well kaput.) I'vwe even written out posts on paper, so as to be able to post them immedieately if I have half an hour! But I can't when I only have 10 minutes as I need to upload pictures as well. I never knew I depended on my phone so much!
So I hope you all have great holidays, and yet again, sorry!!!
(P.S. I'll have lots of posts when I come back from my holiday- I promise!!!)