Blog post planning

One of my new year's resolutions for my blog this year was to become more organised and get some sort of schedule up and running. In previous months my posting was completely haphazard, and I personally prefer there to be some sort of order when I'm not posting everyday (which just isn't possible, having school). It seems to be working out, so I thought I would share my scheduling methods with you, after almost two months of successful scheduling...!

So why do I even need a schedule?
For me personally, having a blog post schedule has been an absolute lifestyle. I'm counting down the days until we get natural sunlight (30th March come at me), but until then I can only take blog pictures at the weekend in term time. So having a schedule means every Sunday I just look at the week and take pictures ready for the posts. It also means that if I get a spare hour to blog I can just sit down and start typing, no time wasted deciding what to write. I also love the regularity, and just generally prefer knowing that I'm going to have enough posts all month, and knowing on the first of the month what I'll be writing in the coming 30 odd days. I'm not against a bit of on-the-spot blogging, but a schedule is for me.

The actual schedule
I prefer to use a paper schedule, but there are tons of options for you to keep it on your phone, computer or tablet. For a paper one, you could easily just make a grid on word and print it out, but I'm using these ones from Fellow Fellow *amazing blog alert*. They are simple and clear for a quick glance, have enough space to write in, and are in pretty colours. That's me sorted.

My schedule
I like to put up  'loving and lusting' and 'blog of the week' posts on the same day every week, and two other posts weekly. That obviously makes four posts a week (just call me genius), which is the right number for me, but however many you do jus' write 'em in. I usually make a mistake when writing out, but hey-ho.

Aside from the schedule
For blogging organisation means other than my adored schedule, me makes lists. Yes, I'm a list maker, and a proud one too. Whenever I get a blog post idea, I just jot it down in my notebook or as a wunderlist and I'm sorted.

So that's about it folks.
I hope you found this post helpful if you're a fellow blogger, and if you're not you liked the pictures. I'd just like to say that I didn't mean this post in a pretentious way as I'm still pretty new to blogging, so please tell me how you plan your posts in the comments below.

Bye!x x

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blog of the week: what katie does


This week I am not only showing you a favourite blog, but one I discovered only in the past seven days: what Katie does.
Call me irrational, but I knew instantly that I would love katies' blog; it's right up my street.

Katie's blog is full of designy, foody, travelly, interiory and crafty goodness. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous, and whilst I feel I  say that every week, it honestly is. Lots of her posts are also really unique and diferent, for example I loved her not so recent post on screen printed cushions, and also the slightly newer one on caligraphy. I also really like her interiors posts; her about the house series is such a cute idea, and her post on urban outfitters home was made for me. She also has an etsy shop, which I am yet to buy from. Buuuut, as soon as my spending ban is over I will, promise!

Do any of you read Katie's blog? You should!x x x

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loving and lusting #12


language of flowers is a relatively new fashion brand, which i recently saw featured on rosie's blog. £55 is waay more than i would ever spend on a t-shirt, but this one is just gorgeous, and definitely deserves to be in this post. i'm in love. i haven't quite decided which colour i prefer, but bear with me. i also don't particularly think my personality can be described as 'never forgotten', but the print is too pretty to care. so sorry!

i'm in need of a new mascara, and not spending money in almost a century has left me craving high end. i was looking for waterproof, what with summer on it's way (saying that, it's just started snowing), and so when anna mentioned this offering from lancome it was serious lust. it's now top of my shopping list once my spending ban is finito. bring it on, i say.

i'm in desperate need of a new makeup bag, and love the uniqueness and simplicity of this one. it's quite pricey, and if i'm honest 'L' is a pretty boring letter, but i'm still lusting big time. aah, woe is me.

bye!x x

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chevron nails

(oh hey red fingers)

*jack wills 'jade'*
*nails supreme white nail art pen*

nail art, from me?

well no, not really. obviously, this post does involve nails and so technically is, this is the most simple nail art there ever was. it does have a little of the 'got bored with the tippex pen' about it, but i can, um, rock that look. totally.

so these are my chevron nails! apart from them being so simple, what i like about these is the versatility of them. you can change the base colour, the colour of the lines, the number of fingers you did do it on...

i opted for this pretty jade colour i was recently given. jack wills isn't a place i would ever to think to go for for nail varnish, and i can't really report back just yet. review soon, maybe? i also chose to just do it on one finger as an accent finger.

what do you think?

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the liebster blog award

A little bit of a different post for today, but hello!

I was recently nominated by bellissima beauty for the liebster blog award, which is a blog award promoting small blogs with under 200 (gfc) followers. I thought this was a really cute idea, and so this is my post on it!

The rules are:
  • those who are nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.
  • once nominated you must write eleven random facts about yourself.
  • you must also answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  • come up with eleven questions to ask the people you have nominated.
Eleven facts about me (sorry if you have read any of my previous facts about me posts!)
  • I'm quarter Italian.
  • When I was younger I used to make figures out of toilet roll whilst on the toilet with water, and dry them when I'd finished (weirdo).
  • I don't like fizzy drinks, sweets or juice.
  • I'm generally a very awkward person.
  • I love musicals/glee e.t.c
  • I still have braces:o
  • I'm a leo (but not really into all that stuff).
  • I'm a directioner.
  • I always get embarrassed for other people, even when they're not embarrassed.
  • I'm currently losing my voice.
  • I named my first teddy/doll after my cousin, which is slightly creepy now i come to think about it.
Answers to the questions!
  • Why did you start blogging? this is probably what everyone says, but reading lots of successful blogs made me want to try my hand at it, and see how I'd find it!
  • What is your all time favourite film? ah, I don't know! I love a good romcom, so love actually it is!
  • What was the first beauty product you ever bought? I'm not really sure, as the first products I used were ones I stole from the makeup my mum had for me for ballet shows.
  • What is your job/what are you studying? I'm currently at school doing my gcses.
  • What is your favourite song at the moment? kiss you by one direction; you have to love it!
  • Who is your favourite blogger? I have so many! I have a blog of the week series on my blog where you can see some of them; there's too many to choose just one!
  • Are you a summer or winter person? summer summer summer!
  • What perks you up when you're in a bad mood? a sunny day, a spot of pinterest or watching a cheery video on youtube (louise does this best).
  • Do you sing to yourself in the car/shower? yess! I do some of my singing practice in the shower!
  • What tv show do you love? it's old, but funny: not going out.
  • What is your favourite thing about yourself? um. I guess I'm quite determined, and I tan quite easily!? and I'm quite musical?
I nominate...
  • Imogen
  • Olivia
  • Olivia
  • Olivia - she has 200 followers but only because I followed her so it still counts!
  • Soph (I think that's your name? Sorry!)
So many Olivias!

Questions for them!
  • What is your favourite season?
  • What is your favourite social media platform?
  • Describe yourself in a word! (sorry, i hate that question too)
  • What is your favourite smell? (not perfume, something like the sea)
  • Who is your inspiration in life?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  • Favourite place to shop?
  • What would your dream sunday be?
  • What do you want for your birthday?
  • Who is your favourite blogger with more than 200 followers?
  • What is your underdog product of the moment?
Thank you for reading, and I hope this wasn't too boring if you have more than 200 followers, or don't blog! If I have nominated you please leave your posts below as I would love to read them although I know a lot of you have already done it!


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burt's bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil

another day, another pomegranate lip balm...

if you hadn't noticed, i have somewhat of an obsession with pomegranate, both in beauty products and in the flesh (last post here). i'm gradually building up a collection of pomegranate-themed products in my stocks, and this is the latest one to be approved (any recommendations of pomegranate products would be much appreciated).

the latest addition comes in the form of burt's bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil. in other words, the burt's bees pomegranate lip balm. you may say i don't need multiple lip balms in the same scent, but i've come up with a list of reasons to prove that wrong. firstly, this is a stick/tube rather than pot, which i'm sure you'll agree is perfect for inside your bag, and prevents (some of) those germs. also, there are variations on the pomegranate scent, as let's face it, pomegranate doesn't really smell of much. when i first smelt this particular one it reminded me of pesto, but it's grown on me.

it's also very nice and moisturising, and continual daily use (get me!) has given me nice soft, smooth lips. i have also noticed that when i stopped using it for a few days me lips where in no where near as good smoothness. it gives a slight tint to the lips, and is overall a very lovely product, as well as being very affordable!


bye!x x

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blog of the week: milk bubble tea

hello everyone!

this week my favourite blog to read has been becky's lovely site: milk bubble tea.

her blog is so cute and lovely, and is the perfect mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. her url and design are both so adorable, and her photography is just amazing. i loved her recent post on her bedroom decor, as it's so crisp and cute and lovely! as i previously said, all her photos are amazing in quality and composition, and her backgrounds are always so sweet. she's also been ill recently so all go and check her blog out to make her feel better!

bye!x x

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Loving and lusting #11

Hello again!

Sorry I have been absent this week everyone, I just really wasn't in the mood for blogging so I decided to give it a short rest. But I'm back now, so hopefully you'll forgive me!

1- fashion.
I'm thinking ahead here guys, but would this dress not be perfect for summer? I can just imagine being lovely and tanned and wearing this, with my bright coral sandals...

2- beauty.
Ooh, such a cliche, but this is a blogger fave I've never got my hands on and would really love to, as it's really such a beautiful colour!

3- random.
This duvet set from next is absolutely gorgeous. Next is one of my favourite places to go for decor, and I think this set is so lovely and flowery, and I'm seriously considering buying it for my bedroom in France, as it's relatively affordable.

Bye!x x

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blog of the week: style and starbucks


this week i have really been loving ellie's blog: style and starbucks.

not only does she have the coolest url ever, elli'es blog is literally my favourite fashion blog. as you can see from above, she has really cool outfits, and she always has nice backgrounds as well! i'm rubbish at taking outfit photos and this is definitely what i aspire to! she seems really nice as well;)
i also really liked her denim skater skirt series a while ago, so go and check her blog out now!


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loving and lusting #10

1- fashion
if you saw friday's post you will have seen some particularly gorgeous pastel dr. martens, that i absolutely fell in love with. i've never really been that bothered with dr. martens before; they were just something i'd never seen myself in. but, i just fell in love with these ones, but they obviously turned out to be an old collection, and no longer available. pants. however, whilst on the website i saw these beauties for only £50, which is not only bargain, bu they're also perfect for spring.

2- beauty
i've seen a lot of coverage of illamasqua's new collection i'mperfection on blogs recently, and this appropriately nicknamed 'mini egg' nail varnish is, in my eyes, heaven in a bottle. mini eggs are one of my favourite chocolates ever, which makes this one product practically perfect.

3- random
i am a self confessed mary-berryer, as well as a massive fan of the great british bake off, and this is the cook book of my dreams. i love new recipes, and this just screams 'summer' to me.


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if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that very annoyingly the pictures i had taken for today's post turned out rubbishly, which is very annoying and means i can't take any until the weekend (tomorrow-yay!). however, instead i have a post which i'm sure will be equally as enjoyable as the one i had planned: i'm sharing my pastel obsession with you.

i absolutely love pastels, and yes, i am one of those (sometimes) annoying people who o completely crazy over s/s collections. as i am supposedly on a spending ban, i can't really buy anything this year, (pastels are just making their way into shops now) i thought i would show you some pastels i've been loving on pinterest to make up for it.

my pinterest board full of pastelly loveliness

aah! i'm just dying right now, so i'll stop writing before i say something weird.


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fifty random facts about me! (part 2)

hello again, i'm back with more facts about mee!
i got some nice responses from part 1 of this tag, so decided to continue with part 2. you're even getting an extra post this week because of it! you can find part 1 here.

26. i used to call car parks 'par carks', and secretly still think it sounds better.

27. i am such a rambler; i ramble about anything and everything to anyone.

28. i only recently worked out that 'so cal' was short for south california. duh.

29. chicken mayonnaise and bacon sandwiches are my favourite sandwiches eveeeeerr.

30. my parents were going to call me chiara, and my brother maximilliano, which i think are much more interesting than what they actually chose.

31. i only drink water and hot chocolate, and don't like fizzy drinks/juice e.t.c.

32. i only had my first starbucks ever a month ago.

33. comic sans pains me. yes, i'm one of those people.

34. i love musicals, in all their cheesy glory.

35. i love all things pomegranate.

36. i absolutely hate gravy.

37. i am right handed, and can do virtually nothing with my left hand.

38. my feet are seriously wide; they actually look like rectangles.

39. i have huge fingers; on multiple occasions i've had to get someone to help me pull a ring off my finger because i decided i was a medium, not large.

40. i have an ostrich egg.

41. i am the least flexible person ever, but i'm working on it.

42. the worst injury i have ever had was cracking my chin open in year 2 on a wooden train in the playground at school.

43. i have a favourite type of sugar. yes, really, i am that weird.
it's muscavado if you were wondering.

44. i have played the piano since i was 8.

45. my family have a second home in france. i'm not bragging, just thought it might be of interest.

46. i am singing grade 4 (kind of rubbish, but i only started last year).

47. i have the most childish sense of humour ever.

48. i hiccup when i laugh.

49. i call hiccups hiccityups.

50. when i googled anagrams of my name it came up with:
wild, faultier hen.
that's me alright.
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blog of the week: dotty dolly

hello my lovelies!

this week i have really been loving jade's blog: dotty dolly.

i honestly don't know where to start! as you will see from above her blog layout is absolutely gorgeous, and so cutesy and lovely. she also does the most amazing outfit posts; they're always really well composed with lovely backgrounds. she also seems like such a nice person and her hair is just amazing; exactly like my friend's who i am insanely jealous of (for her hair). she also does lovely cooking, beauty and lifestyle posts and i would definitely recommend you go and check her blog out.


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loving and lusting #9

i think i've finally managed to find a replacement for picmonkey, due to the stupid security on my computer, so this week should be back to normal. i'm going to jump straight into the post, so here's what i've been loving and lusting this week...

1- fashion
i'm aware that this is more of an accessory than an item of clothing, but nevertheless i renamed this category fashion so it's allowed! it's not a great picture, but i think this scrunchie from topshop is just so cute and retro, and also affordable, considering the shop.

2- beauty
this is just such a hyped up product, but i really want to introduce a clarifying shampoo into  hair routine and this just seems the obvious one to go for, as it has been raved about so many times. it is quite pricey, so i'm looking for a cheaper alternative, but for now this is what i'm lusting after...

3- random
the lovely gemma has just launched an online shop with her friend, and there is some pretty gorgeous stuff on there, that i am definitely lusting after. i think this little trinket box is just so cute and would look very nice in my bedroom in france...

so that's what i'm wishing for this week, what are you liking?

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fifty random facts about me! (part 1)

as previously noted, i'm just way too cliched for my own good, so here we have it, the blogger's current fave tag; 50 facts about me
anyway, if you hadn't noticed this tag has really been making the rounds recently, as both 20 and 50 versions. some of my favourites are becky's, lily's, ellie's and estee's (wrong spelling, but my computer doesn't do accents!)
i really liked the look of it, so am splitting it into two to stop it being a really long post. unless anyone is massively opposed part two will be coming next week, so look out for that! 

weird duckface.

1. my name is lauren.
2. i am quarter italian.
3. melted cheese is my weakness in life. i even ate it for breakfast for a while, but then realised how unhealthy that was.
4. i did ballet from the ages of 4-12, and now do musical theatre/contemporary/a bit of ballet, but am not considering it as a career choice.
5. I have had every birthday (with one exception) since i was four in france.
6. i wear glasses to read, etc. technically i should be wearing them now, but i'm not (rebel)
7. i have an unhealhy obsession with humous.
8. i am the biggest wimp ever; when i watched the first harry potter film last year i got scared, and in the first episode of africa i had to hide under the blanket. really. and this was last week.
9. i still have the blanket i got when i was born.
10. i am (not so) secretly a gleek.
11. i don't like sweets.
12. i hate dawdling/dawdlers.
13. i can water ski.
14. miranda and not going out are my favourite tv shows eveeeeerr.
15. i have never broken any bones; no one in my family has.
16. i love baking and cooking, and still have christmas chocolate left, simply because i keep making things to eat.
17. i did an online quiz, and i am an introvert.
18. i like things to be in order, and not messy. for example, the books on my bookshelves in my bedroom are organised in colours.
19. my birthday is the 16th august.
20. even if you never meet me, i am the most indecisive person you will ever (not) meet.
21. i am very tall.
as my violin infamously teacher said, "you could do the 100m in one stride, you're such a gangly giraffe."
22. i played the violin for two years, and then quit.
23. every time someone says 'LOL' i inwardly cringe.
24. every time i use a semi-colon i get an internal rush because of my english teacher going on about using them so much.
25. i love cheesy pinterest quotes.

so i hope you've learnt a bit more about me from this post, and didn't find it too boring. if you've done this tag please leave it below, and look out for part 2 next week.


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