Blog post planning

One of my new year's resolutions for my blog this year was to become more organised and get some sort of schedule up and running. In previous months my posting was completely haphazard, and I personally prefer there to be some sort of order when I'm not posting everyday (which just isn't possible, having school). It seems to be working out, so I thought I would share my scheduling methods with you, after almost two months of successful scheduling...!

So why do I even need a schedule?
For me personally, having a blog post schedule has been an absolute lifestyle. I'm counting down the days until we get natural sunlight (30th March come at me), but until then I can only take blog pictures at the weekend in term time. So having a schedule means every Sunday I just look at the week and take pictures ready for the posts. It also means that if I get a spare hour to blog I can just sit down and start typing, no time wasted deciding what to write. I also love the regularity, and just generally prefer knowing that I'm going to have enough posts all month, and knowing on the first of the month what I'll be writing in the coming 30 odd days. I'm not against a bit of on-the-spot blogging, but a schedule is for me.

The actual schedule
I prefer to use a paper schedule, but there are tons of options for you to keep it on your phone, computer or tablet. For a paper one, you could easily just make a grid on word and print it out, but I'm using these ones from Fellow Fellow *amazing blog alert*. They are simple and clear for a quick glance, have enough space to write in, and are in pretty colours. That's me sorted.

My schedule
I like to put up  'loving and lusting' and 'blog of the week' posts on the same day every week, and two other posts weekly. That obviously makes four posts a week (just call me genius), which is the right number for me, but however many you do jus' write 'em in. I usually make a mistake when writing out, but hey-ho.

Aside from the schedule
For blogging organisation means other than my adored schedule, me makes lists. Yes, I'm a list maker, and a proud one too. Whenever I get a blog post idea, I just jot it down in my notebook or as a wunderlist and I'm sorted.

So that's about it folks.
I hope you found this post helpful if you're a fellow blogger, and if you're not you liked the pictures. I'd just like to say that I didn't mean this post in a pretentious way as I'm still pretty new to blogging, so please tell me how you plan your posts in the comments below.

Bye!x x

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  1. Omgg!!! This is such an organized way ... Thanks alot for sharing xx

    1. Glad it could it be of help; I find it really useful if I need to plan in advance!