fifty random facts about me! (part 2)

hello again, i'm back with more facts about mee!
i got some nice responses from part 1 of this tag, so decided to continue with part 2. you're even getting an extra post this week because of it! you can find part 1 here.

26. i used to call car parks 'par carks', and secretly still think it sounds better.

27. i am such a rambler; i ramble about anything and everything to anyone.

28. i only recently worked out that 'so cal' was short for south california. duh.

29. chicken mayonnaise and bacon sandwiches are my favourite sandwiches eveeeeerr.

30. my parents were going to call me chiara, and my brother maximilliano, which i think are much more interesting than what they actually chose.

31. i only drink water and hot chocolate, and don't like fizzy drinks/juice e.t.c.

32. i only had my first starbucks ever a month ago.

33. comic sans pains me. yes, i'm one of those people.

34. i love musicals, in all their cheesy glory.

35. i love all things pomegranate.

36. i absolutely hate gravy.

37. i am right handed, and can do virtually nothing with my left hand.

38. my feet are seriously wide; they actually look like rectangles.

39. i have huge fingers; on multiple occasions i've had to get someone to help me pull a ring off my finger because i decided i was a medium, not large.

40. i have an ostrich egg.

41. i am the least flexible person ever, but i'm working on it.

42. the worst injury i have ever had was cracking my chin open in year 2 on a wooden train in the playground at school.

43. i have a favourite type of sugar. yes, really, i am that weird.
it's muscavado if you were wondering.

44. i have played the piano since i was 8.

45. my family have a second home in france. i'm not bragging, just thought it might be of interest.

46. i am singing grade 4 (kind of rubbish, but i only started last year).

47. i have the most childish sense of humour ever.

48. i hiccup when i laugh.

49. i call hiccups hiccityups.

50. when i googled anagrams of my name it came up with:
wild, faultier hen.
that's me alright.
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