blog of the week: what katie does


This week I am not only showing you a favourite blog, but one I discovered only in the past seven days: what Katie does.
Call me irrational, but I knew instantly that I would love katies' blog; it's right up my street.

Katie's blog is full of designy, foody, travelly, interiory and crafty goodness. Her photography is absolutely gorgeous, and whilst I feel I  say that every week, it honestly is. Lots of her posts are also really unique and diferent, for example I loved her not so recent post on screen printed cushions, and also the slightly newer one on caligraphy. I also really like her interiors posts; her about the house series is such a cute idea, and her post on urban outfitters home was made for me. She also has an etsy shop, which I am yet to buy from. Buuuut, as soon as my spending ban is over I will, promise!

Do any of you read Katie's blog? You should!x x x

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