chevron nails

(oh hey red fingers)

*jack wills 'jade'*
*nails supreme white nail art pen*

nail art, from me?

well no, not really. obviously, this post does involve nails and so technically is, this is the most simple nail art there ever was. it does have a little of the 'got bored with the tippex pen' about it, but i can, um, rock that look. totally.

so these are my chevron nails! apart from them being so simple, what i like about these is the versatility of them. you can change the base colour, the colour of the lines, the number of fingers you did do it on...

i opted for this pretty jade colour i was recently given. jack wills isn't a place i would ever to think to go for for nail varnish, and i can't really report back just yet. review soon, maybe? i also chose to just do it on one finger as an accent finger.

what do you think?

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