loving and lusting #10

1- fashion
if you saw friday's post you will have seen some particularly gorgeous pastel dr. martens, that i absolutely fell in love with. i've never really been that bothered with dr. martens before; they were just something i'd never seen myself in. but, i just fell in love with these ones, but they obviously turned out to be an old collection, and no longer available. pants. however, whilst on the website i saw these beauties for only £50, which is not only bargain, bu they're also perfect for spring.

2- beauty
i've seen a lot of coverage of illamasqua's new collection i'mperfection on blogs recently, and this appropriately nicknamed 'mini egg' nail varnish is, in my eyes, heaven in a bottle. mini eggs are one of my favourite chocolates ever, which makes this one product practically perfect.

3- random
i am a self confessed mary-berryer, as well as a massive fan of the great british bake off, and this is the cook book of my dreams. i love new recipes, and this just screams 'summer' to me.


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