fifty random facts about me! (part 1)

as previously noted, i'm just way too cliched for my own good, so here we have it, the blogger's current fave tag; 50 facts about me
anyway, if you hadn't noticed this tag has really been making the rounds recently, as both 20 and 50 versions. some of my favourites are becky's, lily's, ellie's and estee's (wrong spelling, but my computer doesn't do accents!)
i really liked the look of it, so am splitting it into two to stop it being a really long post. unless anyone is massively opposed part two will be coming next week, so look out for that! 

weird duckface.

1. my name is lauren.
2. i am quarter italian.
3. melted cheese is my weakness in life. i even ate it for breakfast for a while, but then realised how unhealthy that was.
4. i did ballet from the ages of 4-12, and now do musical theatre/contemporary/a bit of ballet, but am not considering it as a career choice.
5. I have had every birthday (with one exception) since i was four in france.
6. i wear glasses to read, etc. technically i should be wearing them now, but i'm not (rebel)
7. i have an unhealhy obsession with humous.
8. i am the biggest wimp ever; when i watched the first harry potter film last year i got scared, and in the first episode of africa i had to hide under the blanket. really. and this was last week.
9. i still have the blanket i got when i was born.
10. i am (not so) secretly a gleek.
11. i don't like sweets.
12. i hate dawdling/dawdlers.
13. i can water ski.
14. miranda and not going out are my favourite tv shows eveeeeerr.
15. i have never broken any bones; no one in my family has.
16. i love baking and cooking, and still have christmas chocolate left, simply because i keep making things to eat.
17. i did an online quiz, and i am an introvert.
18. i like things to be in order, and not messy. for example, the books on my bookshelves in my bedroom are organised in colours.
19. my birthday is the 16th august.
20. even if you never meet me, i am the most indecisive person you will ever (not) meet.
21. i am very tall.
as my violin infamously teacher said, "you could do the 100m in one stride, you're such a gangly giraffe."
22. i played the violin for two years, and then quit.
23. every time someone says 'LOL' i inwardly cringe.
24. every time i use a semi-colon i get an internal rush because of my english teacher going on about using them so much.
25. i love cheesy pinterest quotes.

so i hope you've learnt a bit more about me from this post, and didn't find it too boring. if you've done this tag please leave it below, and look out for part 2 next week.


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  1. ah love this! (and thank you for posting my link too!) i'm the biggest wimp when it comes to films too! xx

    1. thank you, and you're welcome! Haha glad to hear it's not just me :)