Christmas is Coming!! Card and gift pinspiration!

Hi everyone!
Today I just have a quick post for you on one of my favourite subjects, Christmas!
I think I might do a selection of crafty (and more!) post on Christmas in the run up to it (as I am SOO excited!!), and I'm starting with a bit of card and tag inspiration, as I plan to make my own this year. I'll explain that in another post though, so here's what I found!

All pictures are from Pinterest.


OOTD: Autumn colours

Hi everyone!
As you may know by now, I love autumn! And one of my favourite things about it is all the lovely clothes (and colours) you get to wear! I've bought a few things over the last few weeks, but can't wait to buy more! So here's an outfit I wore the other day, it's just a casual Saturday outfit, but I love the colours!!
My top is from Aubin & Wills (not on website I'm afraid), and I bought it from the Kilby Court outlet in Somerset. I really bought it for wearing with leggings (which I have been) but I just thought the colour just was too nice and Autumny not to wear, especially with my trousers!
And now for my trousers..! These A.Maz.Ing. burgundy ones from H&M. (I'm afraid the link won't work, but it's the only £9.99 'red' pair of ladies trousers on the website!) Again, I bought them a few weeks ago, but I love them soo so much! The cut is really nice, flattering and perfect for the autumnal temperatures. But most of all I love the colour. This may possibly be my new favourite colour. Ever. Or at least this season. Basically, I love it, and maybe look out for a colour obsession wishlist coming soon...
So that's it! I'm afraid no shoes or accessories, as... Well no excuse really!


Rose Review: Figs and Rouge Pomegranate lip balm

Hi everyone!
Today I have a review for you of a the figs and rouge pomegranate lip balm, which I recently got given for my birthday. This has recently made the beauty blogger rounds, so whilst you've probably all read a million reviews I thought I'd hop onto the bandwagon!
I got the pomegranate flavour, as it's my favourite fruit, but there are a wide range of other flavours to choose from also.
First things first, the packaging. I think it is possibly one of the prettiest lip balms I have ever seen. I just love how it looks kind of vintagey and pretty and I also love the colours!
The actual product is white in the pot, but obviously clear on the lips. White lips would be very weird! It's soo moisturising, and smells a.maze.ing. Obviously if you don't like pomegranate you probably wouldn't like this, but omigod, this is heaven on earth. Pour moi.
It's £5, so obviously more expensive than brands like carmex, but cheaper than your luxury brands like nuxe and by Terry. I havn't tried either of those brands, but I will say this lip balm is very high quality. Oh, and you get 17ml of product.
Overall, I would say that this is my new favourite and I may have to purchase another. And I might even go as far as to say it would be one of my top 10 products. Wow. What an achievement for figs and rouge.



Hi everyone!!
Today I'm going to write about my favourite parts of the new season, autumn!!
I think autumn is one of the best seasons, especially in England. The weather doesn't always differ too much from summer (!!) but everyone expects it and don't grumble like in summer! There is also a slight feeling of excitement in the air, with Christmas coming closer, with Bonfire night and Halloween to keep us happy on the way!
There are also the little things we appreciate, like...
Going on walks through the crunchy leaves in woods!! It sounds really cheesy, but it's so fun!
Putting on big wooly jumpers and coats!!
Being creative! I always feel like being really creative in Autumn for birthdays and stuff!!
Running. It always seems so much more appealing when it's cooler!

There are a few more, but I'll leave with these for now and maybe put some more in another time. Feel free to tell me your favourites bit about Autumn!!
Bye, and happy Autumn!!!xox


August favourites!!

Hi everyone!!
Today I thought I'd share with you some of the products I've been loving in August. There aren't loads because to be honest I can't remember half of August! That sounds really bad but it feels like I've had lots of little chunks!!
First up is the Ren hydra-calm global protection day cream, which I got as a sample. This has a slightly weird scent, which I can't quite place as it's all natural. This has honestly been a godsend after my holiday in the south of France, in which my skin got so dry and horrible from swimming everyday.
Next is the l'occitane verbena shampoo. Again this is just a sample I was using up, but it smells amazing. Really lemony and gorgeous. It also cleans well and the only downside I can think of is that the packaging can be quite hard to get product out of when you're near the end.
I've also loving the figs and rouge pomegranate lip balm. I got this for my birthday and pomegranates are my favourite fruit so you can't really go wrong! It's also really moisturising and I'll do a review on it soon!
I've also been loving the Simple kind to eyes eye makeup removing pads. I have a review here.
The La Roche posay thermal spring water was also a godsend on boiling hot days. I know it's only water but still- aah!
Clothing wise there is one item I wore continually on holiday. I was hoping to do an OOTD with it but unfortunately just didn't get the chance. I got this from new look in the sale in July for about twelve pounds and its not only really pretty colours but also so multifunctional. I wore it out in the evening, in the day, over a bikini... I love it.
My favourite song of the month has been good time by owl city and carly ray Jepson, which I've been listening to again and again on YouTube.
And my last two favourites are Company magazine and Sweetcorn!! I've just been loving both of them!
So hope you've enjoyed this and have a good September!!