Rose Review: Figs and Rouge Pomegranate lip balm

Hi everyone!
Today I have a review for you of a the figs and rouge pomegranate lip balm, which I recently got given for my birthday. This has recently made the beauty blogger rounds, so whilst you've probably all read a million reviews I thought I'd hop onto the bandwagon!
I got the pomegranate flavour, as it's my favourite fruit, but there are a wide range of other flavours to choose from also.
First things first, the packaging. I think it is possibly one of the prettiest lip balms I have ever seen. I just love how it looks kind of vintagey and pretty and I also love the colours!
The actual product is white in the pot, but obviously clear on the lips. White lips would be very weird! It's soo moisturising, and smells a.maze.ing. Obviously if you don't like pomegranate you probably wouldn't like this, but omigod, this is heaven on earth. Pour moi.
It's £5, so obviously more expensive than brands like carmex, but cheaper than your luxury brands like nuxe and by Terry. I havn't tried either of those brands, but I will say this lip balm is very high quality. Oh, and you get 17ml of product.
Overall, I would say that this is my new favourite and I may have to purchase another. And I might even go as far as to say it would be one of my top 10 products. Wow. What an achievement for figs and rouge.


  1. The packaging is so cute! I kinda just want to get it for the tin. :) I'm your newest follower, please check out my blog and if you like it follow me back <3


    1. I know!! Thank you, which format is best to follow you on?xxx