Hi everyone!!
Today I'm going to write about my favourite parts of the new season, autumn!!
I think autumn is one of the best seasons, especially in England. The weather doesn't always differ too much from summer (!!) but everyone expects it and don't grumble like in summer! There is also a slight feeling of excitement in the air, with Christmas coming closer, with Bonfire night and Halloween to keep us happy on the way!
There are also the little things we appreciate, like...
Going on walks through the crunchy leaves in woods!! It sounds really cheesy, but it's so fun!
Putting on big wooly jumpers and coats!!
Being creative! I always feel like being really creative in Autumn for birthdays and stuff!!
Running. It always seems so much more appealing when it's cooler!

There are a few more, but I'll leave with these for now and maybe put some more in another time. Feel free to tell me your favourites bit about Autumn!!
Bye, and happy Autumn!!!xox

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