Loving and lusting #11

Hello again!

Sorry I have been absent this week everyone, I just really wasn't in the mood for blogging so I decided to give it a short rest. But I'm back now, so hopefully you'll forgive me!

1- fashion.
I'm thinking ahead here guys, but would this dress not be perfect for summer? I can just imagine being lovely and tanned and wearing this, with my bright coral sandals...

2- beauty.
Ooh, such a cliche, but this is a blogger fave I've never got my hands on and would really love to, as it's really such a beautiful colour!

3- random.
This duvet set from next is absolutely gorgeous. Next is one of my favourite places to go for decor, and I think this set is so lovely and flowery, and I'm seriously considering buying it for my bedroom in France, as it's relatively affordable.

Bye!x x

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  1. Hi Lovely!

    I agree! I would love to get my hands on some ESSIE! I can't believe I lust after these so much, but never buy them haha!

    I’m a new follower via the #bbloggers blog hop and would love you to stop by my blog if you get a chance. I currently have a few reviews; hauls and a hair care post up :)

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

    1. Hi! Aah I know; they have such gorgeous colours! Thank you!x x