if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that very annoyingly the pictures i had taken for today's post turned out rubbishly, which is very annoying and means i can't take any until the weekend (tomorrow-yay!). however, instead i have a post which i'm sure will be equally as enjoyable as the one i had planned: i'm sharing my pastel obsession with you.

i absolutely love pastels, and yes, i am one of those (sometimes) annoying people who o completely crazy over s/s collections. as i am supposedly on a spending ban, i can't really buy anything this year, (pastels are just making their way into shops now) i thought i would show you some pastels i've been loving on pinterest to make up for it.

my pinterest board full of pastelly loveliness

aah! i'm just dying right now, so i'll stop writing before i say something weird.


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  1. Loving your blog so nominated you for the Liebster award