Orchid Organization: An Introduction!

Hi everyone!
As the start of the new school is coming soon (R.I.P holidays!!) I thought I would start a series of posts. I've given them a very cheesy name and a very cheesy picture, but basically I'll do any posts that are school-related. If you have any requests please tweet me (@fuchsiaforest) or comment below. The ones I have planned are as follows...
What's in my bag!
What's in my pencil case!
School supplies haul!
My planner!
My essentials!
And maybe a guide on how to keep your schoolwork organized at home!

So I hope those sound good to start off with. I might do some a bit later on in the year when I have exams, but I'll see! And I'll try to do them all this week, as different schools go back on different dates, but I have a pretty manic week planned, so fingers crossed!!
Remember to tell me what videos you'd like to see! #orchidorganization

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