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Hi everyone!
Just a short post today to tell you that I am going on holiday on Saturday morning for two weeks! I'm going to the south of France, which I'm really excited about (SUN!!!) but this post is really to tell you about the absense of posts. I had hoped to schedule a few posts, as I have lots planned and thought it was the perfect time. However, my phone broke on Monday, as did our computer before that. This means that we only have one laptop in our whole house for all my family. My mum has been working on this most of the time, which means I havn't- and probably won't- been able to write any posts. I have 5 minutes now to do this post quickly, but I'm afraid I doubt I'll get any longer. I'm so upset and sorry about this, and I can't even tweet either!! (Due to my phone being... well kaput.) I'vwe even written out posts on paper, so as to be able to post them immedieately if I have half an hour! But I can't when I only have 10 minutes as I need to upload pictures as well. I never knew I depended on my phone so much!
So I hope you all have great holidays, and yet again, sorry!!!
(P.S. I'll have lots of posts when I come back from my holiday- I promise!!!)

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