The post-run whopper

I like to run, in the sense where 'like' is used very generously. On returning from said runs I am very hungry, and so this whopper commences. It may be unnecessarily huge, but I've just burned loads of calories, right?
I would insert a picture of me in the process of eating this bonanza, but well. Sweat, red face, bleurgh.
Anyway, on Wednesday, I took some photos of my plate, because that's what food bloggers do, right?

Part 1: green beans. Living on the edge is something only the best of us can master, and green beans cooked in oil and garlic pretty much sums this extremely difficult stunt up.
What is wrong with me?

Part 2: bulgur wheat salad. My favourite salad, ever. Cook some onions, chuck the bulgur wheat in and cook as specified. Add walnuts, coriander, pomegranate, and anything else you feel like. Chicken or mackerel are both great.
Part 3: salad. A nice big green salad, with cucumber, carrot and lettuce, and lots of balsamic vinegar and oil. So healthy, me.

Part 4: salmon quiche. A recipe for another day, but all I can say is mmm.

So there you have it, the hugest plate you will ever see, and one of the only times you can justify it. Kinda. Obviously, post-marathon would be better, but baby steps...



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