Tulip tip: Insect bites!

Hi everyone!
Here is today's tulip tip! Tulip tips are a little series in which I will give you a small tip which you might know, might not and it might be relevant, might not. But I thought they would help some people, so here we go!

Today's theme is insect bites. I know the summer here in the UK is like winter at the moment, but we still get bitten and you might live somewhere hot... and you might go on holiday!
So this is just a little tip my friend taught me about how to get rid of them. I'm afraid the photographic evidence isn't much as they're showing up much more red than they actually are, and I forgot about them for a few days, but I promise you that this does actually work. Promise.

Oh, and it was also on  really awkward place to photograph, right in the inside of my calf.

Basically, the tip is to lick your finger and put the saliva on the bite. It doesn't sound much, and I know the photos don't really show much, but the after was 3 days later after only one 'licking'!!!

So hope this was useful, and sorry if you new it already but bye!!Xxx

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