Loving and lusting #17

(I know this technically this isn't the morning, but I'm only 4 minutes out so please forgive me!)

I've really missed writing these loving and lusting posts, so I thought my first 'proper' post in a month just had to be one of these! It was actually really hard, as I have been lusting after way more than three things, but these are the ones that have made the cut... for this week.

Pinafore dress// nail varnish// watch//

I've seen pinafores, particularly denim ones, on literally every blog I've clicked on recently, and it's a trend I'm a little apprehensive to try, in fear of looking a little bit 'school-girly' (not that my favourite bloggers do, but I might, if you get my jist). However, this is like the perfect middle-ground between dress and pinafore, and I love it! I've also really been getting in a really summery mood lately, with the little sun we've had. ButterLONDON have recently launched in Boots, and the summery colour and this 'newness' absolutely justify the rather hefty price tag for me. Finally, this watch is literally sheer perfection for me. It has rose gold, it has a pretty inter-changeable strap, and it's a perfect size. What more could a girl want in a watch? I saw this brand a while ago on Rosie's blog, and am seriously considering putting it up to birthday-list status. I know.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


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