Favourite A/W nail varnishes!

Hi everyone!
As you may know, it is now half term and as I can't wear nail varnish during term time I suddenly become obsessed in the holidays. I know I'm a bit late for this as its practically winter here in England now, but hey-ho. Also, I don't quite know why I chose one of the summeriest, most pastelly backgrounds ever, but we live and learn ;)
I've chosen 4 colours, from two different brands. 2 of them are really cliched autumnal colours but one of them definitely isn't.

The first is Barry M raspberry. I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog (or is it mother?!) has this and I can see why. It's pretty much the perfect pinky-reddy toned burgundy and it looks so nice on the nails. Barry M nail varnishes are also obviously really cheap (£2.99) and good quality, and can be found in Boots and Superdrug.

Next is Barry M pink silver glitter. An extremely inventive name, but I think this is just the perfect colour to complement burgundies as it has flecks of pink glitter as well as silver (as the name would suggest). I'm wearing it in the picture below over raspberry (I like to call my nail painting style shabby chic, just FYI).

Another favourite is Topshop blitz. This is again a burgundy (current favourite colour), but is a metallic and has a really pretty golden shimmer to it. It can be found in Topshop for £6.

My last pick is a bit different, and is Topshop gone fishing. It is primarily a S/S shade, it being mint, but it has more green to it so verges on the khaki side of things. I also think it can be nice to have some lighter colours, even in winter. This one is £5. Oh, and by coincidence it's exactly the same colour as the background!

To sandwich in these colours, I use OPI start-to-finish for base and Sally Hansen insta-dri for masses of shine! I won't say too much about these now as I will probably do reviews, so look out for those.

So hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite A/W shades? Thanks for reading! Bye!xx

(PS. Sorry about the lack of posts lately but I had a geography essay due in yesterday that I lost all of  Saturday.)

*L-R. Barry M raspberry, Topshop blitz, Barry M pink silver glitter, Topshop gone fishing*

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