Rose Review: Stackers jewellery box

Hi everyone!!
Today I have a review of the Stackers jewellery boxes for you!
For my birthday this year, I got one of these jewellery boxes. I'd seen these occasionally before in John Lewis but never really heard much of them, particularly in the blogging community.
So what are they, and why are they so special?
What's different about these is basically that you can personalise it! Stackers are bought in parts, and come in loads of different colours and designs. So not only can you choose the colour and lining, you can also choose the actual physical shape. So if you have lots of rings, you can choose one with more ring spaces etc.
I got mine in the bright (fuchsia!!) Pink colour, with the smaller flowered lining, and the standard lid and three-sectioned parts. But there are soo many options to choose from. As you can see, I don't have too much jewellery at the moment, but what I like about these is that you can just build your box up as you get more jewellery. They are also quite reasonable in price and would make a great Christmas present. You can also get them in mini sizes.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!!x

Available from John Lewis.

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