Loving and lusting... #1

Hi everyone!
Today I thought I'd start a new feature on my blog called "loving and lusting." The idea is basically that every Sunday morning I will put up a post showing you the 3 things top of my wishlist this week. If you like the idea, feel free to join in and link up your posts below.
Every week I will show you all a fashion, beauty and random lust, if you're planning on joining in.
As its getting near Christmas a few of these things are on my list, so (hopefully!!) maybe you'll see them featured soon...

I follow Ella Henderson on Twitter (@ellahenderson), and have seen her mention these squeaky jumpers quite a lot. I think they're so cute and fun, and with leggings think they'd make a lovely casual outfit! They're quite novelty, so would make for a perfect gift! I like all the designs but as I had to choose one this is probably my favorite. They are quite expensive, though at £39.95

For beauty I really love the look of this Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit. It's such a hyped up product that I'd love to try; it looks gorgeous, practical and well worth the money. I've seen so many good reviews and although it doesn't apply to me think it's great they have such a wide colour range. It's £24.
I think this cushion from Urban Outfitters is just so cute and fun. I can just imagine it making a room look so lovely, and the first thing I think when I see it is Aubin & Wills! I've seen it (or something very similar) in the background of some of essiebutton's videos and it looks gorgeous. It's £26.

So I hope you've all enjoyed this post, and hopefully it will become a regular feature!

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  1. Thought I recognised the pig jumper from somewhere, Dan from District 3 wears it a lot too :) I want one! xxx


    1. Yeah, it's the two of them on Twitter!!xx aha I knoww!