Rose review: Paperchase Rosemary and Peppermint Scented Bubble Bath

Hi everyone!
Today I have a review of this Paperchase bubble bath for you. Now I would never usually go to Paperchase for bath or beauty products, but I was given this for ny birthday so thought I would try it out.

I actually really like the packaging of this. Even though it's plastic, I love the little old-school 'bottle top'. This doesn't actually open and you have to open the whole top which I was a bit disappointed with, but I love the overall appearance.

In terms of the actual product, the colour is very nice. It doesn't transfer to the bath. The scent is nice and relaxing, albeit not very strong. It makes nice bubbles, and obviously the speed you finish it up at depends on how bubbly you like your bath!

I don't really know what else to say about this, but overall I think this is a really nice product, and would be a really good gift for someone just getting into beauty, as it isn't especially luxurious but lovely all the same.

I'm not sure about the cost as it was a gift, but you should be able to get it in Paperchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to comment below!

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