Rose review: Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Review

Hi lovelys,
When I needed a new mascara a while ago, I just had a little look around Boots and thought this one looked interesting. I picked it up, so here's my review of this Max Factor mascara!
The reason I picked this one up especially was really because of its 'tonal' properties. It comes in three different varieties (one for brown eyes, one for blue and one for green), and claims to brighten the colour of your eyes. I personally don't see much difference in this specific area, in the bottle or on my eyes, but my eyes definitely look bright! (pictures of my eyes aren't edited)
Wand, tube and eyes with it on.
I really like both the formulation and wand of this mascara. I like how together you can get a nice natural look (like above), but is easily built up to very dramatic lashes. I'd say it's definitely more suited for people who need length rather than fullness or volume, because although it makes my lashes voluminous, it really takes the prize for its lengthening properties. Individually, the brush is perfect for me: not too small, but not unreasonably huge. The formulation is really nice and doesn't clump at all.
£7.99 here.
So I hope you all enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have this and what you thought!!
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