Loving and lusting... #2

Hi lovelys!!
Today I have my second instalment for loving and lusting for you. If you didn't see last week's post the link is here, where I explain the premises of the feature.
I love the look of this t-shirt. I wear t-shirts all the time, as I dance so they are perfect for wearing with leggings. I think the design is so cute, and the colour is quite unique but I love it. This top is on my Christmas list, so I'm hoping! It is quite expensive, but I think it's worth it.
I've seen quite a lot of beauty bloggers rave about this product, and it looks gorgeous. It's basically a hair oil, but my hair is feeling a bit neglected at the moment, and my frizz is just unbearable so I'm hoping it will fix-if not help- it. Just so you know, it's the rich oil I'm looking at, not the normal. This is also on my Christmas list.
I'm really loving Taylor Swift at the moment, I'm not sure how. I just seem to have rekindled my love for her music!And guess what? Her new album, Red... on my Christmas list! Yeah, so all I have to say is really that I love her upbeat and slower music, and think she's so gorgeous!
So I hope you all enjoyed this, see you soon!
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