let the good times roll.

i saw this idea a while ago on Pinterest, and was instantly interested. i didn't re-pin it, so i'm afraid i can't send credit to anyone in particular, but i think it's such a cool thing to do for the new year. i'm going to be putting up my new year's resolutions tomorrow, and although this isn't a resolution as such this will be included.
i honestly had no clue what to call this post, so sorry if you're reading this post clueless.

you will need:
a jar
a pen
some paper
it's such a simple thing to motivate yourself to do, but you basically take a jar (any jar, any size, it can have a lid or not) and whenever something good happens you just write it down and put it inside.
it's such a simple idea, but then when you're feeling sad, orat the end of the year you can reflect on all the good times you've had. it can be as small as a good exam result, or more blog followers; it's all positive!
so this was just a quick post today, but i thought this was such a cute idea i had to hare with you all! please comment below if you're thinking of doig this, or something similair :)
bye, and have a good last day of 2012!!
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