Festive party nails!

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a great Christmas, and got everything you wished for and overall had lots of fun! I certainly did, and thought I would show you what's on my nails at the moment!
This is such a simple and quick style to put on your nails, but still has all the glitter and festive colours you may want for New Year. Obviously the colours may not go with your outfit, but you could easily swap them out to match.
Sorry if the pink nail looks weird, I was rushing out the door and it was still wet when I took it!
I actually thought Jem (the glitter) was red when I first saw it on the Topshop website. I put it over Raspberry to make it more opaque and it was pink! But i can rock pink and green, I'm fine with that...
Anyway, Jem is an absolutely gorgeous glitter. The light kept reflecting off in weird ways so I couldn't take a photo of it, but the chunks of glitter in it are amazing. There are different sizes and... just everybody get yourself to Topshop asap.
Jem and Peacock green were both Christmas presents, and I love the green equally as much as Jem. It's such a gorgeous festive colour, and Mavala is such a lovely brand in general; there little bottles are soo cute!
I think I've rambled well enough about my nails for one post so goodbye! I hope you've enjoyed this post, it's my first nailsy one so let me know what you thought! I'll hopefully be popping up a small selection of my Christmas presents up in a post soon so watch out for that!
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