christmas goodies+festive summary

hello lovelys,
i hope you all had a great christmas, and as promised, here is a little summary of mine. i didn't take too many pictures on the day, so the ones i have to show you are mainly christmas trees, and now looking the picture of my presents looks very bright and surreal in contrast!
before i start i'd like to say that i am definitely not gloating or bragging, but i love to read these posts and i think everyone like to have a cheeky little nose at what people have received, even i they don't like to admit it! so i am definitely not showing off, it's the last thing i'd want to do... but here are some pictures!
christmas tree on christmas eve

gorgeous festive wood burner at my great-aunties

christmas tree at my grandparents on the day after boxing day (?)... and my sock!

amazing festive display at a hotel (taken on my phone-sorry about the blurring)

cutest little face ever

some of the gifts i recieved!
i had an amazing christmas this year. i didn't really know what i wanted so mainly got little gifts from my family, and then some money and a stocking from my parents. i got quite a few clothes but they are impossible to photograph so they will hopefully be shown in an ootd soon! i also got quite a few nail varnishes but they didn't fit in the grid and two have already been featured (this post) so i thought i'd leave them out, and can do a seperate post if requested!
i thought i'd show you some of the smaller, more unique gifts i received so...

really big words trivia quiz (stocking)
owl necklace (parents)
l'occitane almond shower oil (grandparents!)
divine dogs puzzle game (stocking)
cath kidston purse (great auntie and uncle)
jack wills 'english velvet' soap and sephora 'lagoon' bath fizz (stocking)
sass&belle owl decoration (stocking)
dog brooch (brother)
monsoon picture frame (family friends)

so that is just a snippet of the things i received! i mainly showed you smaller gifts and stocking fillers but i just had to put my new purse in there. isn't she a beaut? i've wanted a cath kidston purse for sooo long, and i'm soooo pleased with it! i got some goofy things, like the dogs game but it's all in the
name of festivity, eh? and i've been wanting that shower oil for aages, though why my mum asked my grandparents to get it i'll never know!
i had an amazing christmas, and please link your festive summaries down below for me to read, as they're my favourite type of post to read!
i should have some new year themed posts headed your way tomorrow but for now, bye!!
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  1. thanks for sharing your day with us!

  2. Aww lovely pictures... I love your tree! Looks and sounds like you had a lovely day, I love the little owl gifts... very cute :D


    1. thank you! yes i did! i know.... looks like my favourite animal has been revealed...!!