My Week #1

Hi everyone!
Before I start with this post I'd like to apologise for being absent for the last week with my blog. I came down ill, and I won't go into the details but I just couldn't summon up the energy to do anything, even my loving and lusting post. So I've kind of missed the boat for Christmas gift suggestions now, there go my taken pictures. But I'll try and put up some Christmassy posts, look out for those!
Anyway, I thought I would make it a feature on my blog to put up instagram pictures each week, as a summary post. This first post is a week and a half bonus one as I've been ill but usually it will just be the week.
Username: fuchsiaforest
Revision boredom/ more revision boredom/ Christmassy bedroom/ Reindeer decorChristmas card making chaos/ Carluccio's Fiorentina hot chocolate/ yoghurt and raspberries for breakfast/ cheese on toast/ cute Christmas cards/ santa!/ article saying the sun is coming in England (yup, really)/ festive presents for my friends/ festive and rustic wrapping from Waitrose/ German grammar haul/ following Tanya and Jim's advice/ hair stuff!
I always say any feedback is good feedback so let me know your thoughts on this post! My instagram isn't the prettiest of feeds, but my excuse is I've been ill! Also, if you have any festive requests let me know as I'm a bit stuck now I've missed the gift guide boat!
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