Loving and lusting... #3 The Christmas Special

Hi lovelys!
Sorry about the lack of posts this week. I don't really have an excuse but the pictures I had taken last weekend had turned out badly, and I can only take pictures at the weekend because of getting back from school when it's already dark. I was going to put a gift guide up, but thought it was a bit weird to do that as well as this wishlist post.
So this is the Christmas edition!! It's not such a gift guide but more of things on my Christmas list that are Christmasy!

For this post, I had to choose a Christmas jumper for my clothing item. There was no other option. I really love baggy jumpers like this one and although it is men's I think it's quite almost stylish, and I like it for the ability to wear it after the festive period. Maybe. I also really love the colours. I would like a cheesy Christmas primark jumper as well, but we don't have a primark near us so havn't been able to get one yet. It's quite pricy at £30 but my brother has one of their jumpers and it's so cozy. (He wasn't too happy when he saw me trying it on though.) This one is more of a sweatshirt, so a little bit different.

I struggled a bit for this one, as there are so many beautiful Christmas collections out this year. But eventually I decided, following Anna's lead. (I make this sound as if I've bought these. I havn't.) The essie winter 2012 minis collection. I really like how there are colours that could be worn way into summer, as well as the traditional festive glitters. I particularly love 'leading lady', the gorgeous sparkly burgundy. I can't actually find the set anywhere so the link is for the full sized bottles I'm afraid.

Ok, this week's really is random, but I just thought it was so cute and festive, and will put a smile on your face every time you use it. I also think almost everyone (definitely in England, I'm not sure if they have it in other counties?) knows the saying. It's also pretty affordable and would be a really nice gift.

Hope you've enjoyed, bye!xx

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