A day in London #1

Last Sunday I went up to London with my family, and thought I would share a picture or two. I love going up to London, so sharing my day with you may become a bit of a series, if you all like the idea? Anyway, this particular time my brother and dad were going up to watch Arsenal play, so my mum and I were left to roam London. I didn't really want to go shopping, so we had a somewhat cultural day...

We spent most of the day in the V&A Museum, which was really great, but unfortunately no picture territory. I did take some pictures in the cafe, but I'm still a bit short for my camera and the pictures I took weren't great. We looked at the theatre and performance and fashion sections, along with some medieval art work, and then sat down in the cafe. As I said, the pictures unfortunately went badly, but I had a very nice hot chocolate, and very lemony lemon drizzle, whilst my mum had a scone and tea. We were both impressed. We then had a wander around Covent Garden, but here's the good bit.



Because we were a bit late, we got a takeaway from Leon, and ohmygosh it was great. Leon is quite a big chain, but I've never been and it was rather scrumptious indeed.

Mainstream takeaways tend to be quite unhealthy, but as they go this one was pretty nutritious. I got
the haloumi burger, and I would definitely rate it. A spelt roll (always better than white), lots of delicious haloumi, rocket, gherkin and pepper. Obviously, my brother had the unhealthiest option, but I'm not going there. It was one of the best chain burgers I've had, although they had ran out of chips, which is not cool, sorry guys.

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