Loving and lusting #13

Good morning!

I absolutely love this dress for summer, and think it's just the perfect bright floral dress. it's the kind of dress you can dress up or down, but not particularly seasonal as of now...

2- beauty.
I know I've had mascara on my wishlist recently, but this one is being added. It's supposedly the best selling mascara in the UK, and it's just been so hyped up that I feel I have to try it! Sure, Lauren sure. You 'have' to try it...

On the many not-optional trips I take to National Trust properties I go on, I like a little peruse of the gift shop. It may not be cool, but you've gotta face it that they have some pretty nice stuff in there. In fact, I almost broke my spending ban for this, but decided seeing as I don't drink coffee or tea, and barely have hot chocolates I could resist. Maybe.
Also, click on the link and see what it's called. Just- oh my.

Have a nice week! (said forcefully)

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