Loving and lusting #14

1- clothes.
The very brief spring-like stint we had at the begginning of this week has made me crave pastel, and I see nothing better than this. It has spring colours, will keep me warm when it's a bit nippy, and it looks amazing. Also? It follows that never-ending dip-dye trend and I think I may actually faint if I don't buy this within the next month.

2- beauty.
It pains me to say it, but I'm yet to join the MAC lipstick party. I don't kno why, but I just never really wear lipstick, so I guess I do know why. Anyway, I think this may be the lipstick to change my mind. Have you seen the colour? Gorgeous!

3- other.
If these aren't cool, I don't know what are. All I need to say is pastel, spotty straws, guys.

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