Mother's day gift guide

For those of us in the UK, mother's day is almost upon us, and scarily close. It's so much earlier this year, and has caught us all out (in my family at least)! If you're organised and sane you will have probably bought your gifts already, but for everyone else here is my little last minute gift guide!
But before I start, I'd just like to say sorry if mother's day is no where near for you or you don't celebrate it. Just look at the pretty pictures instead! Also, (I'm almost done, promise!) some of these are generic, and some are suited to my mother in particular: you know your mother, not me!


1- Another day, another national trust mug. On said National Trust shop peruse (Sheffield Park and gardens, if you're wondering), the mother spotted this mug and all was noted. Wunderlist is genius. She's partial to a bit of bone china, tick. It was actually the blue she liked but it's sold out, so the taupe is on show for you today!

2- oh, so cliched. Yes, flowers are very typical and boring, but they brighten up the room, and even a small bunch of daffodils alongside your main present is nice. I just chose a typical mother's day bouquet from the M&S website, but I like the trough, very nice.

3- ooh, pamperous. In our house, the mother likes to keep a nice bottle of hand lotion in the kitchen where only she can use it, tsch. Obviously, £18 is quite a lot to be paying regularly, so mother's day is the perfect time to keep the stocks up. And neom is a blogger's fave, so credit where credit is due, non?

4- pretty personalised. Rather similar to the blogger-loved casetagram, this phone case is perfect for those instagram-less (how?). It's only really great for iPhone or Samsung galaxy ace (I believe) users, but luckily mama is iPhoned up. And who wouldn't want a phone case full of pictures of her lovely daughter's face!?

5- small but swee- salty. If you know this particular ma, (which hopefully you don't) you will know she has a particular taste for salted chocolate/caramels. For under £5, these delicious caramels are yours. I sound like an auctioneer, maybe this is my calling in life!?

6- more pampering. This mother isn't the hugest fan of pampering, but she does like a bit of l'occitane. She's always happy to receive their verbena body products, so why not mother's day?

7- why not!? Slightly random, but everyone loves a watering can, don't they? Spring should hopefully be on it's way, and there's planting to be done in this garden. And it's the cutest watering can (that ma will like) I've seen.

8- more chocolate, you know me. I couldn't resist, I apologise. We (I) still have Christmas chocolate left over, and more is the last thing we need. But every gift guide deserves a huge box of chocolate, and hotel chocolat is the way forward. Or should I say... Le chocolat est la voie à suivre, get me.

9- fig fig fig. Again, this ma is a fan of all things fig, and a fig candle has been gifted to her many a mother's day. Why not continue a tradition?

So I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide, and now have ideas for mama to suit a variety of budgets.

Bye!x x

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