Loving and lusting #16

This week's wants have been massively influenced by some of my favourite bloggers, 20 points to anyone who can comment who they are!

1- fashion.
Spring in the UK is rarely warm, but I think this jumper is great for bringing colour and warmth into an outfit! It's crazily bright, but would look great with just some jeans or shorts.

2- beauty.
& Other Stories is a brand relatively new to the UK, and a child of H&M. They've been featured on a lot of blogs recently, and as their clothes are on the pricey side I headed over to the beauty section of their website. I need a new body scrub, and lemon is one of my favourite scents (this post!), and it's also pretty affordable. Brilliant.

3- other.
I think now you can all appreciate just how cool I truly am, but all I need say is...
Supercalafragalisticexpealidocious! (get me, I'm so cool!)

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