100 day spending ban

hello again!
as one of my new year's resolutions I said I wanted to save up some moneys. i've actually been saving since christmas, but when i saw the 100 say spending ban i thought it would be perfect. it doesn't need that much explaining, but every week there will be a Twitter talk to discuss your saving progress and motivate you for the following weeks. although I've been saving for a bit longer, i am officially starting my spending ban from January 1st, for the new year!

i'll link up Alice's (she has organised the Twitter chat) post on the spending ban here, and if any of you are doing this challenge please tell me!


(ps. i'll have some reviews and stuff up tomorrow, as i'm aware my blog has been very lifestyley recently. however, i am going to attempt to do more lifestyle/diy posts to stop me spending, hope you don't mind!)

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  1. I've just decided to take part in the challenge!


    e x