blog of the week: blue october

hello again!

today i thought i would start a new feature on my blog; blog of the week. i've seen this idea a few times and i know a lot of people who do it, but original inspiration was shown to me on Twitter, and is from the ladies behind Not Just Inside.
anyway, i thought it was a great idea for a bit of sharing the love, and hopefully it will give you all inspiration for new blogs to follow! i'm going to do a range of different blogs so over time there should be one you'll like!


so my first blog of the week is blue october! i love lizzie's blog, it's just the perfect mix of lifestyle, outfitm, beauty and cooking posts. i could literally spend a whole day reading her posts, none of them have the effect so you want to skip over theml they're all really interesting topics.
i also loove her hair! it's dip-dyed pink and looks goreous!

her style also seems really similair to mine, which i love, as it means i like every outfit featured on her blog!

i don't want to ramble on for too long so am justgoing to let you all go over there now and check her blog out, and then follow her!


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  1. I will definitely check blue October out. Great post. :) xx

  2. I just discovered Blue October recently and I really love it! She has great book reviews :)

    xx Ellie