loving and lusting #7

i'm back with loving and lusting, and we're already in the seventh week of it! can you believe that!?
anyway, this is everything i'm lusting after this week. as always, please tell me what you're loving this week; i'd love to know! and if you have any blog post suggestions or just general themes (e.g. life/beauty/fashion) let me know, as i want you to like what i'm writing! i'll stop rambling now, but what do you think of the new picture format for these posts?
i'm not doing anything soon that will call for such a 'spangly' piece, but this playsuit from zara is entirely gorgeous. i would wear a camisole underneath, as the model seems to be wearing absolutely zilch underneath, and i'm not certain that's a look i'll be wearing anytime soon! thinking ahead, it would be perfect for new year's eve...
this nail varnish from chanel's spring collecion is also gorgeous. i've heard that the quality of their nail varnishes are awful, but i really couldn't resist as it's just such a pretty colour and is so perfect for sping/summer. if you know of any *good quality* dupes please let me know!
agin on a spring-y note, this camera from lomography is so pretty and cute. i've always thought old-style cameras like this one are cute and the colour of this one makes it unbelievably sweet, and would just complete an outfit when/if summer comes!


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