snazzy leggings

hello lovelies!
today i have a small outfit of the day for you featuring my amazing h&m leggings.
before i start i'd just like you all to appreciate how surprising it is to get half-decent photos like these, considering how awkward i am, especially in pictures!

so on with the outfit...
both these things were last season but you might be able to find them in a shop. sorry!

i got these amaazing leggings for my birthday back in august and i love them to pieces! they are quite loud, but paired with a plain top look really cool and very fashion-y, in my humble opinion. i just realised that actually the top is from h&m too, but I think it's a really nice flattering shape and has little specks of colour in so as not to be too plain or boring. again, i'm wearing that necklace you saw in my last ootd. i'm sorry, i have no excuse other than the one i was planning on wearing broke. tragedy.
and no shoes i'm afraid as i didn't leave the house, party animal i am.
i wore this outfit on the last day of the holidays, ie the day that broke my heart. we spent most of the christmas-new year-school period not doing much at home. we had great things planned but unfortunately my mum was ill so we couldn't do anything. we did have italian family over though- cue awkward silence when they're speaking in italian and i have no clue what they're saying...

so hope you enjoyed this post everyone, remember to leave me feedback below!

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  1. Woah they are pretty damn jazzy you weren't lying there ;) I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. And if you're ever passing through mine, do say hi!
    Kerry x from Kerralina