blog of the week: hello october

this week i have really been loving suzie's blog: hello october.
she seems like such a nice person, and her blog is the perfect spot for a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. i always check out her blog when it comes to a bit of nice higher-end beauty, as her beauty basket/top 5... posts are always full of amazing reviews. she also does youtube videos, and i looved her recent makeup collection video which is now one of my favourite collections and has given me lots to put on my wishlist! i am now definitely craving essie tart deco, damn my spendng ban!
so you should all without a doubt go and have a nose around suzie's blog, now!

(i also wanted to mention that there is now a sidebar with a blogroll of all the blogs featured on blog of the week, although it won't be updated until i get back from school! you can also look at the page, which is under 'home')

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  1. ah i love her blog- the layout is so clear and easy to read too! xx

  2. I love Suzies blog too. everything about it is such so lovely. x

  3. Nice blog! :) thanks for sharing :)

    I'm following from the #bbloggers blog hop :)