Sally Hansen insta-dri

today i thought i would put up a review for you lovelies on my favourite topcoat: Sally Hansen insta-dri. sorry if it's a bit boring, but this stuff is seriously amazing.

it packs so much shine it's actually quite ridiculous. that's the reason it is my favourite, nothing else. when i put this on, i can actually see my reflection in my nails. how's that for a selling point? i'm not too sure about how fast drying it is, but then i am famed for being impatient in the nail-drying department... (yesterday i maay have, um, scratched my head [promise i don't have nits, i had a lump!] when my nails were still wet, and got nail varnish in my hair. maybe.)
when i put this on top of my nail varnish, it usually lasts for about 5-6 days before chipping, which i think is fairly impressive. i'm afraid i haven't been digging or anything of the like, so don't know how long it lasts in those circumstances but it should be fine!
so, that's it for this post. i'm trying to post ore often at the moment, so if you have any requests please let me know below.
what's your favourite topcoat?
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  1. Hey I found you through the blog hop!! This is one of my favorite top coats...I haven't tried a ton but I like it better than butterLONDON and OPI's. It's a little thicker than most top coats, but as you mentioned...it's soooo crazy SHINY!!! I don't paint my fingernails that often, but I always keep my toenails painted...with this and the quick dry drops from OPI...seriously my pedicures last a month!!

    Anyhow...nice to meet you!!

    G. McG

    1. Yay, love the bloghop! I know, it's amazing! Haven't tried the OPI quick dry drops but sound amazing xx

  2. Wow my nails chip so easily definitely need to invest in something like this!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


    1. Yeah, it's amazing and still much cheaper than OPI and butterLONDON :) xx