Loving and lusting #6

I'm going to admit it now before I begin, but yes. Yes, I am thinking about summer already. I haven't gone all out summery in this post but you could definitely say a few items in this post are not that wintery.
1- clothes.
I absolutely adore this crop top from American Apparel. I think it would look so gorgeous with a pastel high-waisted skater skirt in the summer! I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, but I could wear it in spring with some nice coloured jeans, so I suppose I could justify it (after my spending ban though, obvs). Ooh.
I prefer the darker colour, and to be honest don't think the picture does much for it (sorry!) but saw it in a magazine where it looked luverly.
2- beauty.
I've been wanting to delve into facial oils for a while now and I've heard so much good about this one from antipodes. I'm not one for really thick moisturisers and prefer light day creams so think a nice oil like this would help put a bit more moisture back in my skin. Antipodes is a brand I've heard so much about and am definitely going to purchase this when I finish my spending ban!
3- random.
Sorry that this section always seems to be overrun by geekdom, but I'm currently saving up for a new camera and this tripod looks great. I originally spotted it as it's so extremely discounted. It's tall enough for outfit photos but can easily fold down which is great.
Hope you enjoyed this, and remember to leave me comments with links to your current wishlist!

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