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today i thought i would do a bit of a different post, the about me tag. i feel like some of my readers may not really know me, and this tag seemed perfect. i've seen lots of versions of this and here is mine!
i'm going to try and keep my answers as concise as possible, but we'll see..!!
 do you have a middle name? yes, two. my first is susan, and then i have my mum's surname.
what is your favourite subject in school? history, english or music.
what is your favourite drink? i'm really boring and only drink water and hot chocolate, so water most of the time but ismail's hot chocolates are pure heaven and the best thing on earth (really!)
what is your favourite song at the moment? probably kiss you- one direction. i know loads of people hate them but i don't!
what would you name your kids? i haven't really thought about it, but i like the names eliza, sophie and olivia.
do you participate in any sports? i do a bit of hockey, and dance regularly, although i don't think dance is a sport!
favourite book? argh, i don't know! i can never read a book twice! i haven't read them in ages, but i always used to love the eva ibbotson ones. not sure about now though...
favourite colour? anything pastel!
favourite animal? giraffes, although they've gone down in my estimation after seeing them fight on africa.
favourite perfume? i don't really wear perfume that much but i love marc jacobs daisy
favourite holiday? christmas because it's so festive and cosy, or easter because it means summer is coming!
have you graduated high school? no, i'm still at school.
have you ever been out of the country? if so, how many times? gah, i don't know! probably around 35?
do you speak any other languages? not fluently, but i learn french, german and spanish, and i know a bit of italian.
how many siblings do you have? one 11 year old brother.
what is your favourite store? topshop, miss selfridge or urban outfitters.
favourite restaurant? we went to a little one called pomegranate in hastings in the summer which was amazing!
do you like school? yes, i suppose i do. i could do without the homework though. and tests. and science.
favourite youtuber? there are so many! i love zoe, tanya, jim, fleur, lauren, islay, lily, anna, alix... there are too many!
favourite movie? every time i watch a cute film i think it's my favourite! i like the proposal though, and arthur christmas is a definite!
favourite tv show? miranda, without a doubt!
pc or mac? i have a pc but i would like a mac!
what kind of phone do you have? htc rhyme
how tall are you? i'm not sure, very.

so i hope you enjoyed this, and now know a bit more about me! i did have a beauty post for you today but blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures so you got this instead! hopefully the review will be up tomorrow! bye!

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