Loving and lusting #5

i've realised this week that doing wishlists every week is really very dangerous when i'm on a spending ban. ah, the things i do for you guys..

1- clothes.
i wear my black skater skirt so much, i thought i would definitely get wear out of a second one. i love the versatility of this denim one, as i think it adds a bit to any outfit and can be paired with anything, in any season.
2- beauty.
i got quite a big sample of daisy last year and almost bought it then i loved it so much, but as ifinished it around september and it's quite a summery scent I decided to wait. obviously now i'm on a spending ban so can't buy it which is so annoying, as i love everything about it.
3- random.
i'm due new lenses for my glasses soon, and am thinking waay out of my market. These are obviously designer glasses, which my mum says she will not buy for me unless she sees me wearing my current glasses more. seeing as i don't like them, and wear them for the bare minimum, this looks like it will be a lust not a purchase. but they're just soo gorgeous, and i genuinely think i would wear them out of choice. Ahh.

so that's it folks, sorry if it seemed a bit whiney- WHY DID EVER DECIDE ON A SPENDING BAN.


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  1. I can't believe you are on a spending ban! I could never do that... good luck :D

    1. Thank you, trying hard not to look on my favorite websites!x

  2. I am on a clothes and beauty spending ban as well. Good luck with it.

    P.s. definitely buy glasses you adore - then you will wear them lots more!

    1. Good luck to you too! Mm.. very good advice!x (and a nice rhyme)

  3. The skater skirt is lovely! I really want it from Topshop- though I might look on ebay for a cheaper alternative! I have Daisy- its amazing- so perfect for spring! I'm currently craving Marc Jacobs Dot!


    1. Ah all of his perfumes smell amazing, and I know what you mean about buying it cheaper on eBay, although I did think the price was quite reasonable for Topshop!xx